Rider Gear

An open-face helmet that has a full visor (HJC IS-33) will not obscure my face to locals and permit photographing with the helmet on considerably more plausible. A heated vest (exo2) and Alpinestars Tech 3 boots with stiff sole for riding standed are the key parts of kit. Unfortunately my neoprene socks have been misplaced . . . too bad, as I HATE cold water and will see no shortage of it in Siberia and Mongolia.

UPDATE 2013: The HJC meets the requirements for public reaction but it’s a bit loud and does fit the top of the forehead rather snuggly. An Arai SZ/C is wonderfully more quiet, has excellent fit and a much better (optically) face shield.

Neoprene socks have been added to combat the cold water and to keep feet from freezing once wet – think . . . wet suit.

Revit supplies the jacket (Scirocco) and pants (Mistral) and gloves (summer and winter). Kaenon Kabins will provide shading for the eyes. An absurdly small kit of wool will provide warmth when wet and odor free use in spite of repeated wear and limited laundry.

UPDATE 2013: The Revit jacket performed commendably and so did the pants – especially during the crash on the Transfaragasan in Romania. But I’ve added a Motoport Kevlar jacket which is also more water resistant as well as incomparably better protection, repeatedly. Michelle’s mom patched the pants so well that I can’t tell them from new. I’ve added a LONG length pair of Klim’s Traverse pants which will keep me dry and protected in doubtless soggy Siberia. The Mistrals are premium for the hot weather in the numerous big deserts I’ll cross.

My fantastic R59 gloves protected my hands during the crash in Romania but were finished by the time I got to UB. Held Steve leather gloves will provide protection unless it’s really cold for which a another set of Held’s will be donned.